The Tasting Room


Built by Dennis Perry, Huntsville AL

Welcome to our tasting room!   There are several items that might catch your eye first…the copper bar top, the huge reclaimed wood beam with copper draping lights, or maybe the large glass window looking into the production area.  Or, it might just be the model of the Loaded Cannon ship on the side wall!  Please don’t forget to check out the “facilities”, which would make a pirate proud!

This is where the tastings and tours begin!  All Loaded Cannon spirits, including our seasonal and limited run products are available for tastings and purchase at our Tasting Room.  Also available for purchase is a line of Loaded Cannon logo merchandise, including shirts, bags and hats, and an assortment of home bar supplies and cocktail recipe books. Support your local distillery – drop by Loaded Cannon today!

See the video at the page bottom.


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