Our rum is crafted to bring back that pirate spirit.  The spirit of PYRACY!  The open sea and the smell of fresh air.  Relive those times with us and celebrate those scurvy dogs that ruled the seas. Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of PYRACY as the saying goes.  Our secret is the right balance of dark sugar, molasses and an all copper still for clarity.  We also have a unique aging process and special yeast creating a rum suited both for blending or sipping.  Our flavored rums were a long time in the making.  Great taste without the overpowering sweetness often seen these days.  I’m often asked why we spell PYRACY with a “Y”.  It’s simply because PYRAC is not a word….you’d think people would know that.

  • PYRACY White Rum
  • PYRACY Dark Rum 
  • PYRACY Spiced Rum 
  • PYRACY Toasted Coconut
  • PYRACY Butterscotch
  • PYRACY Vanilla Rum