Vodka Production

Vodka Production - Flavored and Clear

……..involves fermenting and distilling grains or starches, creating a high-proof alcohol. The spirit is then diluted, filtered, and often subjected to additional processes for smoothness. Finally, it’s bottled, resulting in the clear, neutral-tasting spirit commonly enjoyed worldwide. The optimal times to distill vodka depend on various factors.  This includes the specific ingredients used and the desired characteristics of the final product. Distillation of high proof spirits is conducted at a controlled and steady pace to ensure the removal of impurities while retaining the desired flavors and aromas. It’s a meticulous process that may involve multiple distillation steps to achieve the desired purity and smoothness in the product.  Distillation of more than 15 times can result in excess power usage as water an ethanol cannot be distilled to pure components.  See Azeotrope.  

We make our “Anney’s Blade” vodka in our 500 gallon copper still “Anney”.  We then finish it off in our 16 stage distillation column, “Juliet”.  Once we produce a 190-195 proof product, we then do some final filtering.  From this “clean” product we either bottle it or make our flavored varieties.  We use real fruits and vegetables.  You can tell this from the color and the slight settlement of the fruits.  We buy local Florida raw materials when possible.  This is part of our plan to support local when we can.

You can enjoy our vodkas “on the rocks” or try it in a Bloody Mary.  Our favorite is a Lakewood Ranch Mule combining Pimento Ginger Tonic and Jalapeno vodka – YUM!