Limoncello, NeauxLacello, and Blue Agave Spirits (Can't call it Tequila)


Blue Agave Spirits are produced from our Organic Blue Agave nectar – then barrel aged and sometimes flavored.  If it was produced in certain regions of Mexico, it would be called tequila.   Smooth and golden brown!

Limoncello is made with the lemons hanging in little cheesecloth hammocks, suspended above the high proof spirit, rather than peeling the lemons and immersing said peels in the spirit. Because alcohol volatilizes pretty easily at room temperature, the alcohol vapors are macerating the lemon peel. Because it’s doing it from the outside in, you’re just getting the whole zesty flavors, with none of the bitter pith. This is actually a very old Sicilian technique for making citrus liqueurs. Fresh lemons ensure a crisp taste.

NeauxLacello is similar, but uses Satsuma family oranges to produce the flavor.  The final product is a mixture of limoncello and the orangecello

  • Santino Bavaro Limoncello.
  • NeauxLacello
  • Blue Agave Spirits
  • Mango Flavored Blue Agave Spirits