Whiskey and Award Winning Bourbon

Carlota's Revenge Bourbon awarded Gold at 2022 Bartender Spirits Awards - San Francisco

Our award winning Bourbon and Whiskeys are named after the beautiful Carlota, who was kidnapped on the sun coast by the vicious pirate Miguel Pascal.  The grief-stricken Carlota, as revenge, sank Miguel’s ship taking her own life.  Her ghost still plays her harp on the Manatee River.  Produced from Florida corn and rye in a full copper still, never touching plastics our bourbon relives the musical notes of the harp with a smooth melodious flavor worthy of Carlota. You have to try the straight bourbon and straight rye!  Our rice whiskey is very unique. Called Kaminari, which is “Thunder and Lightning” in Japanese.  Very fitting for a rice whiskey on the sun coast where spectacular light shows happen regularly.  We describe our rice whiskey as “butyraceous”, like butter.  Trust me, look it up.  The rice gives it a light flavor perfect for sipping. Aging in barrels makes it smooth as silk.  Produced from Florida rice in a full copper still, never touching plastics, our rice whiskey also is blessed with a smooth melodious flavor worthy of Carlota.

Then there’s White Dog!  A tribute to the Loaded Cannon mascot – Cannon!  This is the good stuff right off of the still.  No aging and no added flavors, it’s still a pup… But there is a bit of a bark in that puppy!  Good for sipping, or mixing with the flavor of your choice.  This won’t win any dog shows, but it will wet the whistle!  Produced from Florida corn in a full copper still, never touching plastics our white dog is man’s best friend.

Last, but not least – Lost Legends!  made to commemorate our first responders!

Carlota’s Revenge

  • Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Awarded Gold)
  • Straight rye whiskey
  • Whiskey from a bourbon mash
  • Whiskey from a rye mash
  • Peanut Butter whiskey
  • Lapsang Souchong Whiskey (Smoky goodness)

Lost Legends

  • straight rye, port finished bourbon, light whiskey, wheat whiskey

FAVORITES – Coppershot – orange, honey, cinnamon, Apple pie moonshine