The Loaded Cannon Crew

The Loaded Cannon crew is experienced in multiple distilleries,  We know how to make quality products and how to make you laugh!  We try to stay on top of the latest technology and trends.  Our lab is setup not only to check existing product quality, but to develop new products.  The Loaded Cannon Crew has developed one of the best tours in the industry.  We cover the process from start to finish and all of the in between.  Distillery operations involve the production of distilled spirits like whiskey or gin. It includes processes such as mashing, fermentation, distillation, and maturation. Raw materials like grains are mashed to extract sugars, fermented to produce alcohol, distilled to separate alcohol from impurities, and then aged for flavor development. Quality control, blending, and bottling are also crucial stages in ensuring the final product meets desired standards.

Distillery operations require precision, expertise, and adherence to regulations.  We pride ourselves as troubleshooters and planners.  In order to be successful, the team must have a plan for day to day activities and long term goals….but alas, something breaks every day.







YOU and your friends!