An award winning craft distillery using local materials and giving back when we can.  Join the crew, and become one of our many patrons we are proud to call friends.  We will always have something you’ll like!  TOURS, TASTINGS, COCKTAILS, BOTTLE SALES –  Arrrrggg!

LINK to Video of Tasting Room    Check out the short tour!

Walk-thru the Distillery

We are a proud local distillery!!  Opening in mid-2019, Loaded Cannon’s goal is to bring high quality spirits to your port!  We love what we do.  Come join us. Distillery, tours, tasting, cocktails!  We make our products, grain to glass – copper kissed!

Online Ordering of our Premier Spirits

Links to order our handcrafted and “Copper Kissed”, pristine spirits..

The History of Loaded Cannon

The “Golden Age of Piracy” was between 1650 and 1720 and thousands of pirates roamed the seas. Join the crew of the majestic ship and craft distillery “Loaded Cannon” and journey back in time and learn some of the forgotten stories worthy of being retold. We are an award winning distillery with a broad selection of spirits including whiskey, bourbon, vodkas, rums, gins and flavored varieties.  We never forget, the “best” product is what the customer wants, how they want it and who they want to drink it with!  .

“Our spirits are not just hand crafted, they’re “Copper Kissed”, distilled in copper equipment.

Well, just what is a “Loaded Cannon”, other than the obvious answer?  Well, in our case, the Loaded Cannon is a fictitious pirate ship of epic size, unmatched fortifications and a well-disciplined crew.  They carry a cargo of more value than gold – Loaded Cannon Spirits!  The distillery is named after the ship, and our theme true to the golden age of pirates!  Our large, all copper still, is named Anney and her smaller sister test still is Mary.  Named after the notorious female pirates Ann Bonney and Mary Read.  Anney’s skills and bold flair are highlighted in our Vodka – Anney’s Blade.  Our gin column’s name is  – Ginny Ginny 8675309, Rum/whiskey – Romeo, Vodka – Juliet!  Juliet is 16 stages high.

The cannon is loaded, come light your fuse!

HOW CAN YOU HELP? When you walk in to a local bar, restaurant, or other fine establishment (Like your neighbor’s tiki bar) ask them if they have local Loaded Cannon spirits. If they don’t, well there’s plenty of other bars and you know what to get your neighbor for Christmas!



“Hidden gem on the northside of Lakewood Ranch.  Distillery with a cool tasting room where you can sample the many spirits crafted on site.”  Bruce M

“Great owner and staff with such a super choice of spirits!  Fascinating tour and Tastings”  Natalie J.

“This place is awesome.  The booze is great, but the owner and bartender are even better.”  Grace B.

“Always a great time at the Cannon!  We invited our friends who had never taken the distillery tour and they had a great time learning about making spirits” TK

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