Making Premier Spirits

We handcraft and “Copper Kiss”, pristine spirits in small batches from locally supplied raw materials in our distillery located right down the road from the nation’s most beautiful beaches.  Our recipes have been thought out over time, and we’ve had input from several master distillers.  There’s been a lot of experimentation and we will continue to make small, test batches to keep you interested.  So, come by often!

Well, some people think whiskey, is just whiskey.  Vodka is just vodka…..and so on.  That’s just plain wrong, because in each of the spirits, there is an extensive amount of variability in the raw materials and in the distiller’s judgement.  You can make vodka out of wine, potatoes, sugar, corn, etc.  Whiskey is a little stricter, but there are still numerous recipes.   The key is called yeast!


Yeast are living microorganisms that thrive in sugary solutions, which break up sugar, and convert it into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide gas.


The process of turning sugar into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide uses up almost 95% of the sugar, making these the chief products of fermentation. The remaining 5% of sugar contributes to the simultaneous formation approximately 150 byproducts. Some are pretty nasty in the product, but some give character to ethanol with ever fascinating flavors and colors. The downside, alas-there is always a downside, is that they’re also responsible for hangovers.


Once fermentation is over, we distill!  This is where the Master Distiller decides what stays, what goes, and what has to be recycled.  The result is a great handcrafted product!

Each combination of selections results in a different taste and experience.  Loaded Cannon’s spirits are unique and we customize for you, the customer.

When naming our spirits, we tried to stay with the pirate/nautical theme.  The area has a rich history and is one of the most beautiful areas in the world.  The name of the spirit and the quality/crispness should reflect that.  There is a story behind each spirit label.  Cherish the history as you cherish the taste.



Let’s talk about quality!  Our still and distillation train are all copper, and that’s important!  The best spirit stills are made from stainless copper because of its superior heat conduction and the fact that copper won’t allow harmful chemicals to contaminate the distilled spirit. But the big deal is that copper also reacts with sulfur – taking away the foul taste which is naturally created when yeast ferments to make alcohol.  Copper is more expensive, but you’re worth it!

Our storage is all stainless steel, and not to brag, but you won’t see our products stored in plastic..  because It just isn’t right!


As far as safety, you’ll have to look very hard to find a distillery that matches our safety and quality program.  The distillery is a machine and we respect that.  Once you come to Loaded Cannon notice our extensive layout, our cleanliness, the  quality and most importantly our attitude.  We take a structured and disciplined approach to all we do.  Our inhouse training is second to none.


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